Whether you are a hobby writer who would like to take the next step or a more experienced writer who just needs more support, we at NovelMakers can offer you a detailed manuscript appraisal to help you make your work in progress the best that it can be.

What we offer:-A detailed manuscript appraisal on your work in progress. We are also happy to comment on your synopsis and covering letter if required.
What you will receive:-

A written appraisal of your work to include the synopsis and covering letter if required.

The Appraisal:-

The written appraisal will cover but is not limited to:-

Spelling and grammar (NB. This is not a copy edit and so whilst we will comment on these areas we will not pick up each individual mistake or problem);
Point of view;
Suggestions for improvements such as cuts, rewrites or clarifications;
Suitability for the genre;
Overall impression.
The Cost

Up to 30,000 words – £350.00

Up to 60,000 words – £400.00

Up to 80,000 words – £450.00

Up to 100,000 words – £550.00

100,000+ please email for a quote

If you would like to follow up your manuscript appraisal with a consultation by phone, Skype, Facebook we would be happy to arrange this for you for an additional £50.00

Please note no work will be undertaken by us until we are in receipt of cleared funds.

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