What we offer:-

At NovelMakers, we offer a six-week mentoring programme for writers at an early stage in their novel writing career.

Who is it for?

Our Early-Pages Book Mentoring programme is ideal if you are a writer facing a blank page and in need of support to motivate and focus your idea. Or you may have an abundance of ideas and need help to organise the scenes you have written into a structured and cohesive novel. If you already have a strong story idea, you may want help to develop a plot to deliver your story.
Timetable for Early-Pages Book Mentoring

Week 1
Up to 60 minutes 1:1 – We will have all consultations either over the phone, Skype or Facebook.

The first session will discuss the nature of the support you need and details of the novel you will be working on during the programme.

We will have a chance to explore in more detail your writing aspirations and what you hope to achieve from the Early-Pages Mentoring programme.

We will also confirm your writing timetable – what you hope to achieve, when best to schedule time for your writing, how to stick to your timetable etc.

We will book dates for 6 x one-hour 1:1 sessions to follow. These can be at your own pace but should be completed within a six-month time frame. You will receive email confirmation of the agreed roadmap for your 6-session mentoring.

You will submit a sample of your work for appraisal.

You will receive a written appraisal before the next session. The written appraisal will cover: overall impression and suitability of your writing for the chosen genre, plus any other relevant technical issues.
Week 2
One-hour 1:1 

We will focus on feedback from the written appraisal, and we will work out together how to advance your novel to the next stage, focussing on specific areas picked up on in the appraisal. You will also have the opportunity to raise any writing related questions, which we will seek to answer either at the time or in a follow up email depending on the advice required.

You will be invited to submit another extract of the work for appraisal.

Your mentor will be in email contact throughout the mentoring programme, where you can ask any writing related queries which arise.

Week 3 – Week 5
One-hour 1:1

These consultations will be a chance for us to talk about the work you submitted for assessment each month and whatever areas of your writing you need help with most. 

From our email exchanges, we will likely set an agenda of the points we would each like to cover. This will change month by month depending on how your work in progress is going. We feel this flexibility offers you the best opportunity to take advantage of our experience and get the best out of our Mentoring programmes.
Email contact throughout.
Week 6
Up to 60 minute 1:1

Final review of submitted work
Review progress over the 6 sessions
Consider what you would like to include in your Roadmap for future goals.

There will also be an opportunity for us to discuss any questions you have concerning your writing and future progress.

Email contact throughout

Final Follow Up
You will receive an email follow up which will confirm details from the final consultation, a print out of your road-map for future progress and a certificate of completion of the Early-Pages Mentoring programme.

The Cost

The Six-Week Early-Pages session costs £660 which is payable at the time you fill in your information form. Please note no work will be undertaken by us until we are in receipt of cleared funds.