Will I be able to choose which mentor I wish to work with?
Yes, you will be able to choose but the starting date of your mentorship may have to be delayed if the mentor you have chosen is already fully booked. If that happens you will be offered the choice of waiting until your chosen mentor is free or offered a different mentor with an earlier starting date.

What happens if my mentor is unexpectedly not available during my mentoring programme?
If unforeseen circumstances intervene, we will transfer you to another one of our mentors.

If there is a particular area of my writing I feel needs more work, can we concentrate on that?
Yes, absolutely! In all of our mentoring programmes we will spend time finding out what you need and what you would like to get from the mentoring programme and tailor our approach accordingly.

Do I need to have written a whole manuscript to benefit from a mentoring programme?
No. We offer a range of programmes to suit writers at all stages.

Can I pay the mentoring fee by instalments?
We cannot offer that facility at the present time but if you wish to spread the payments, you could of course always pay by credit card.
How do I know which length of programme would suit me best?
Anyone considering a full mentoring programme needs to take a Taster session first. This will enable your mentor to discuss with you the best programme to suit your needs.
NB A Taster session is not required for anyone wishing to sign up for the Beginner session.

Can I ask questions of my mentor before beginning a Mentoring programme?
You can email us at for clarification on any of our offerings. If you have writing-specific queries they would need to wait until you have begun either your Taster or Beginner session or your Full Book Mentoring programme.

Is there a limit on the number of questions I can ask?
Anyone on a Beginner or Full Mentoring programme is entitled to ask as many questions as they would like.
Anyone on a Taster session can ask questions during the time their Taster session lasts.

Can I ask follow up questions after my Mentoring programme has finished?
We would be happy to answer one or two follow up questions arising from your Mentoring programme.

If I should fall ill during the Mentoring programme or if for any other reason I cannot complete the programme, can I have a refund?
No refunds will be available but we would be amenable to postponing part of your Mentoring programme by mutual agreement with you if that assists.