What we offer:-
At NovelMakers we offer a Taster session in which we will look at the first chapter of your novel or the first 3,000 words if you prefer, together with your synopsis.

What you will receive:-
A written appraisal of your work. A follow up 30-minute consultation either over the phone, Skype or Facebook etc., and a roadmap for the future.

The Appraisal:-

The written appraisal will cover the first chapter of your novel or the first 3,000 words whichever is submitted and your synopsis. In the appraisal we will comment on:-

Spelling and grammar;
Point of view;
Suggestions for improvements such as cuts, rewrites or clarifications;
Suitability for the genre;
Overall impression.
The Consultation
During the consultation we will take you through our written appraisal step by step and discuss any points you require clarification on. The consultation will also provide you with an opportunity to raise any writing related questions which we will seek to answer either at the time or in a follow up email depending on the advice required.

The Roadmap

The Roadmap for the future will be a short follow up plan covering the main points arising out of the appraisal and our subsequent discussion.

The Cost: £100.00 which is payable at the time the work is submitted to us. Please note no work will be undertaken by us until we are in receipt of cleared funds